Tinning Street Presents
7 - 17 December, 2017


‘TRUΣ ΒΛUΣ’ incorporates digital collage, commercial printing techniques and drawings in order to explore cultural identities, hybridity, received, and perceived values; found within the context of multicultural Australia. Using humour and absurd juxtapositions, the work intends to give the viewer an insight into the attitudes and defense mechanisms adopted by many migrants and their children. It is this ‘wogsploitation’ humour, used by comedians such as Nick Giannopoulos and Mary Coustas, that ‘asserts their ethnic identities and reconfigures the Australian stereotype of the ‘ocker’.


The work has been created through combining appropriated imagery and iconography from classical and historical artworks with text from Australian popular culture and everyday vernacular.  By weaving and fusing these elements together the work is able to connect and contextualize the imagery to show that cultural identities are not fixed, but function in a relational way and are always changing